Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Dover Demon

Indy-Anna Bones is an adventurer, explorer, archaeologist, part-time-paeleologist, friend to birds, but most importantly, a cryptozoologist.

Indy-Anna was on the hunt for a mysterious creature, and what better place to start than the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland Maine. 

Founded by legendary researcher, Loren Coleman, the museum has thousands of items on display, ranging from cryptid photos, Bigfoot tracks, famous hoaxes, and more. 

Indy-Anna had come to learn about the Dover Demon. 

Dover is a small town not far from Boston.

In April of 1977, the strange creature was spotted near Farm Street and Miller Hill Road. 

Two groups of teenagers witnessed the creature in that area on two consecutive nights, but it was never seen again. 

As Indy-Anna plunged into the underbrush, she heard a sound in the ferns. 

It was just frogs that jumped into the water and swam away as she approached. 

No demon tracks could be found in the mud. 

Still, there was evidence that SOMETHING was living in these woods. 

Indy-Anna forged ahead, deeper into the brush. 

There was no demon, but she came across an old well, forgotten and overgrown. 

Atop it was an old baseball, brown with age.

Indy-Anna turned the ball over in her hand, wondering about the story that brought it to this spot. 

If there was ever a Dover Demon, it had certainly gone elsewhere in the 40 years since it was seen. Still, Indy-Anna Bones was ready to pursue any lead into the cryptid world!

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