Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two Winters Past

Scene 1



A single atonal note plays over scene as closeup pans over CY, showing every hair in his beard and every crag of his features. His eyes are wild. Behind him we see a window boarded over. Light streams through the cracks between the boards. Thumping of footsteps and a shadow crosses the window. CY takes a sharp breath, his eyes follow the sound. A moan accompanies the footsteps. Zoom out as CY stands, taking a hesitant step back. He is skinny, dressed shabbily. He clutches something in both hands. A second set of footsteps stumbles across a wooden deck, and there is moaning from more. More thumping, more moaning, something heavy hits the wall. Another hits the window and the boards shudder. They are held weakly. CY whimpers and runs out of the room. At the sound of his voice, the walls are beaten violently. A human hand smashes out a board on the window.

CY is in the kitchen room is brightly lit by a back door. Remnants of boards are nailed to the frame and a pile is blown out on the other side. This house was not broken into. This exit is clear. CY looks out the hole, opens the door. Moaning can be heard approaching, but are not in sight.


Loud, pulsing music.

Overhead from roof, looking down as CY exits house.

CY looks around as he runs across a yard strewn with tools. Human bones protrude from the thick grass. CY breaks for a treeline as monsters come into view.

This is a hoard, at least twenty. Eyes are white, skin covered in lesions. Foam runs from the mouth and fingers grasp as twisted, bony claws. Moans turn to screams as the monsters see CY.

Action in slow motion. CY still clutches an unseen object with both hands. Grass sharply becomes a field beyond the broken fence CY pushes through. Ground is muddy and CY’s feet stick, and he must wade through grass to his armpit as if it were water.

Monsters are slowed as well, and are screaming with rage, falling over each other, giving CY a small lead into grass above his head. The tops of trees loom too far away.

Music overpowers all sound. CY is screaming, but his voice is unheard. Monsters can be seen behind him. Scene slows as CY breaks through the tallest grass into the trees. He thrashes through a net of small branches, gnarled and broken hands reach. CY falls. Explosions rip across the first monsters and they collapse, but those that follow barely stumble over the corpses and absorb more fire.

Zoom out still in slow motion to reveal the barrels of heavy guns cutting down the monsters at short range. CY scrambles across the ground. A woman and man in fatigues run into shot hacking with axes at the injured monsters still standing. They are SHANNON and CONDOR. CY lays on his back, hands up, still clutching. When the monsters are all dead, they turn on CY.

CONDOR: I told you he’d make it!

SHANNON: We’re sorry, we didn’t get to you sooner.

RADDOCK runs to them.

RADDOCK: Is he okay?

CONDOR: (kneels by CY) He’s fine. I don’t think he’s injured.

RADDOCK: Make sure he doesn’t have any bites!

CONDOR does a spot inspection.

CONDOR: He’s fine.

SHANNON: What is your name. What are you doing out here?

CY looks at them, terrified.

RADDOCK: How can you tell? His clothes are all torn apart?

CONDOR: The Witch can look him over when we get home. I don’t see anything.

SHANNON: Trust us, we’re friends. We’re not going to hurt you.

RADDOCK: Tie him up. I’m not pushing him if he’s going to turn.

SHANNON: We’re not tying him up.

RADDOCK: Then get him to tell you his name!

CY lunges for CONDOR’s throat. CONDOR screams and pushes CY back.
Cut to Black.



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