Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Two Winters Past



Fade in on dim hallway. We see lockers, and a wooden door.

CONTINUITY ERROR: In previous scenes, door was marked “Art Room.” Plaque now reads: CONFERENCE.

LOGAN enters. He wears battle fatigues and some improvised armor. He looks haggard.

LOGAN knocks on the door.

PREACHER: (OS) Come in.

LOGAN enters. PREACHER is seated on a small table drinking tea.

CONTINUITY ERROR: The original actor died between filming, and has been replaced. He has the same pear-shaped body and whispy hair, but this actor is clearly younger.

LOGAN: I was worried you’d be asleep.

PREACHER: I’ve always been an early riser. That’s when I’d deliver my messages. Around June the sun is up before 6. I'd be out in completely deserted streets in the city, with full light, fog all around. The habit hasn't gone away. What can I do for you, Logan?

LOGAN: It’s not me.

PREACHER: What’s not you?

LOGAN: I’m not the one. I can’t lead these people. You have to select someone else. Tartel. Stokes. They could do it.

PREACHER: (shaking his head) Each will play his part. This is to be yours.

LOGAN: A rider came. They plan to attack if we don’t surrender the fort. I believe they are Muslims.

PREACHER: You will wield the magick sword to topple them. I’ve seen it, Logan.

LOGAN: We are outnumbered. You see our victory?

PREACHER: I see your victory, Logan. What comes between is unclear.

LOGAN: I know a man with a sword.

PREACHER: I’ve told you all I can. The more I enlighten, the more your path will be obscured. If our fortress falls, it is the will of God, but you must not let the enemy break the will of your heart. Go now. Meet with your captains.

LOGAN takes a deep breath through his nose, and exits.


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