Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Two Winters Past



We are outside, looking out through a garage door into a yard. The dead grass is a thick. Snow still lingers at the treeline. Garage is dark against the bright sky.

HOLT enters. He is holding a finely crafted Damascan spear.

HOLT: You awake?

CLOSEUP: LOGAN. He is squinting, but opens his eyes.

ZOOM OUT: LOGAN is laying in a pile of burlap against the back wall on a concrete floor. There is enough sunlight to see everything in a dim grey hue.

LOGAN: I live.

LOGAN wears only a T-shirt, black pants, and boots. Dry blood covers much of his skin.

INSERT: LOGAN’s flank. There is a hole in his shirt, and a dark wound can be seen beneath.

HOLT: I got you water from a stream.

HOLT gives LOGAN a green plastic bottle filled with liquid.

LOGAN drinks the water, then pours a little on his wound, grimacing in pain. LOGAN takes a few deep breaths and recovers.

LOGAN: It’s not deep, I don’t believe it pierced the muscle. I need to rest more, I can’t walk now.

HOLT watches, but says nothing.

LOGAN: I expected you would have pissed in that bottle. I still would have drank it, I believe.

HOLT turns away, stands at the entrance to the garage.

LOGAN: How long you think places like this will last?

HOLT: Shut the fuck up.

LOGAN: I’m being serious. Look at this place. It’s a ripe hunk of shit. How long before it caves in. Nature takes over man, I’ve seen it.

HOLT: I don’t give a shit.

LOGAN: You see any of the houses when we was walking? They was abandoned when the highway came through, and never torn down. Bears get in there. Real dangerous for kids.

HOLT: How long are you going to sit there?

LOGAN: There is no one looking for us.

HOLT: There will be scouts and raiders. They will want to find you.

LOGAN: They won’t be sure I’m alive for a couple days. They will expect my body to be there in the yard. No one has come to Windsor in a year, and there is are hundreds of square miles of directions we could have gone.

HOLT: Someone will talk. Your soldiers saw us.

LOGAN: Those soldiers are dead now, and they believed I was Chosen.



Mike Mancini

Lexi Sulich-Ward


Continued 2018

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