Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two Winters Past

Two Winters Past
EPISODE 2: A Moment Later.

Scene 1


POPPER shoots GRANT, turns gun on VALENTINE. VALENTINE throws up his hands and scrambles backward, falling on his back. GRANT is dead.

POPPER: You’ve heard some disturbing things about the Lembeks.

VALENTINE: You’re one of them?

POPPER: They keep me in food. They’re good people. They asked me to go to the Cooleys to find out what was being stole.

VALENTINE: I don’t know the Cooley’s either.

POPPER: I’m done living with them, that’s for sure, but the Lembeks ain't going to be happy I didn’t do the same thing to you right away.

VALENTINE: Look, man, you already have the only valuable item I own. There was no food, no water to bring...

VALENTINE is cutoff by a gunshot. Shell strikes a tree a few feet away. VALENTINE stares in shock. POPPER dives for cover.

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