Thursday, March 26, 2015

Two Winters Past

Scene 2



Only light filtered sun. Closeup of MAX’s bloody face. Slow zoom out as his eyes flutter open. He is tied to a wooden pole in a wood-finished rec room. Water splashes in MAX’s face, he throws his head back into the pole.

BLYTHE (OS): What’s your name?

MAX struggles. BLYTHE punches Max in the stomach. MAX gags in pain.

BLYTHE: Who are you?

MAX: Max.

BLYTHE: Cooley?

MAX: Tarbox.

SPIDER enters.

BLYTHE: You related to the Cooleys?

MAX: Cousins.

SPIDER: Why did you attack me?

MAX coughs, struggles to speak.

MAX: We saw smoke.

BLYTHE looks over his shoulder at Spider. SPIDER advances another step. Slow zoom into her wide eye. Her pupil is dilated wide.

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