Thursday, February 4, 2016

Revenge of AIN SOPH: Playable Demo

Cut Scene 5

After what could have been years at travel, the flag did draw close. A planet loomed from the abyss, spinning around a sun and circled by 2 moons. The planet shot from space, too fast to be avoided, dragging Kilgore into the path of the turbulent atmosphere. Sephiroth confirmed this planet had not only an atmosphere, but water, and living creatures populated the lands. Scans revealed Intelligent life, showering Kilgore with records and notations. The planet did not even have a name.

This was the furthest expanses of the Galaxy Empire, where the Spidrons were first detected. The only cluecame from a lump of dust hanging still in free space. Many planets turned up rich histories of societies wiped from existence by the Spidron attack.

Could life begin AFTER the Spidrons came through? The monsters left no burning stars behind them, and no nutrients or resources that could be grown. Kilgore never heard of the Spidrons missing a planet. 

Sephiroth came up only with a notion. Two lumps of broken rock in the distance were the planet Kalest, an important farming station for the Galaxy Empire before the Spidrons. The people of Kalest credited their abundant crops with their proximity to the Seed Planet. The provided coordinates put Kilgore hurtling through the atmosphere of the very planet he currently hurtled through. This planet was Tao, the Seed Planet of legend. 

The Seed Planet was pure legend, and no creature on any planet lives long enough to remember the Seed Planet as anything more. This was the home of the Imperator, who used magick to escape the bounds of his planet, and found the greatest federation of planets ever recorded by Greens. 

Kilgore saw mountains and waters, and the distinct mark of stone cities. This planet was primitive. There were towers, and castles, and great swaths of cleared farmland. He saw desolate peaks riddled with caves, and vast seas where armadas did battle. The Sephiroth could name none of them but one: Sita Moon.

The elf was directly below Kilgore, and her position did not waver as he rocketed toward her. Turbulance shattered both wings and ripped protective plates from the flanks of the battle cruiser. The continent was speeding up at Kilgore, with mountains and forests. Kilgore predicted he'd strike the coast, where the sea would keep him from catching fire when Kilgore got out of his pod.

The CybR shielded Kilgore from the effects of his own weapons, and that included any vehicle he may pilot. Kilgore could take resulting damage, however, such as fire, or falling rock. Kilgore would take some damage from this crash, but he saw no other choice but to crash and capture Sita Moon quickly. Now that he knew where to find her, the trip across space would not take nearly as long. If Kilgore died, he could fly back from the nearest Space Hub. 

Combat music began. Kilgore braced for impact.

The Revenge of AIN SOPH

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