Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Two Winters Past

Scene 3



MARY JANE and TIFF take turns riding while second horse his used for equipment. HOLT, LOGAN, HOOK, and AIDEN walk. The highway winds along a riverbed along steep hills. Buds are on the trees, and some already have leaves growing in thick. We watch as the group rounds sharp bends and descends slopes. The road is devoid of any trees.

Fade to:

Wide shot, HOLT leads with rifle unslung, TIFF is riding the horse. Start scene with LOGAN already talking.

LOGAN: ...three days since I saw anything, and there is this rabbit 5 feet away and I have a rock. I hadn’t seen any of those cannibals yet, and five come running out of the brush at me. Good thing I can climb a tree fast, or I’d be done for!

HOLT: Isn’t it about time you shut that friggin trap a yours?

MARY JANE: Holt, knock it off.

HOLT: I’m getting ready to shut it for him.

TIFF: Lighten up, Holt. Logan is just being friendly.

HOLT: I think it’s MJ’s turn to ride.

MARY JANE: I’m fine, Holt.

HOLT: But you can always be better. Get down off that horse.

HOLT helps TIFF down.

HOOK: How much further to Hancock? On the map it seemed only a few miles from the house we stayed at.

LOGAN grins.

LOGAN: You’ll see it soon.

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